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What is qoqonut travel?

qoqonut travel helps you organize and plan your trips.

The trip you are going to make with your squad this summer. These completely messy family vacations. Traveling with a loved one to romantic cities. Daring to explore the world alone to places where you meet crazy, funny, creepy or simply just new people. Holidays you will spend in a place yet to get to know. This one tour around the world you already made plans for with your best friend.

Ok. We may have gotten carried away a little.

But damn, traveling is fun and we at qoqonut travel know this. Because of this we want to provide a way that makes sharing of these experiences as easy and pleasant as possible so you will love it just as much as the trip itself. Your experiences, memories and the most precious pictures and thoughts you captured won't just be scattered across your social media platforms or lie on your hard drive, condemned to be forgotten.

We thrive to be the best travel diary in the world and will continue to improve qoqonut travel to suit your needs!

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Don't be shy – just try it for yourself!

And if you're still not convinced that qoqonut travel is the best travel diary in the world, allow yourself to be swept off your feet by the features we will present to you in the following paragraphs.

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The places you visited and checked in to during your vacation are now neatly displayed in your qoqonut travel timeline. The experiences and pictures you made, can now be viewed in one place. This makes it easy to share it with your friends and family. The ability to import your checkins from Swarm, and (soon) Instagram saves time and leaves these moments for you to explore the world.


Besides being able to import and organize your past vacations and trips, you can plan the trips you will take in the future! If you tell us where you are going, we suggest the most popular sights you can find in this city. You can also add the hotel in which you will be staying during your trip. This will show the distance between your hotel and the sights, so you can plan the trip keeping in mind how far you want to go and plan your days more efficiently. With qoqonut travel the planned trips are easily transformable into a beautiful timeline.

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Share your Trip

To share the experiences you made on your trip, vacation, holiday or exploration tour with your beloved ones, you can choose from three options.

1. Share Link

Via the share link you can let others view your timeline and a map of your visited sights.

2. Embed Your Trip

You can embed your qoqonut travel timeline into your website or blog by simply adding the provided embed link.

3. Presentation Mode

The third option and surely the most connective one is the presentation mode. This will allow you to present your trip in a beautiful way on a beamer or television, grab some pop corn, friends and drinks and let the show begin.

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Travel. Discover. Enjoy!